Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Critique of The Jubilee Count
and The Time Frame of His Coming

By Bill Weather  Main Page - 7 Year Cycle 

Rabbi Jonathan Cahns books, The Harbinger and the Mystery of the Shemitah, have been flying off the book shelves like no other in the past 2 years.

Rabbi Cahn's claims of Jubilee and Shemitah years and the economic impact they have had are nothing short of stunning, especially some of the new revelations towards the back of his new book, The Mystery of the Shemitah, with the signs of the towers.

Despite this, I offer to the reader strong reason to watch for the time frame of 2020-2027 for his coming as a much more reasonable time than what some brethren are expecting, a pre tribulation rapture of the church on what is claimed to be the next jubilee year, 2015-16 or 2017.

While holding great weight prophetically, I do have an issue with the Jubilee year calculations. I'm finding flaws and contradiction to other testimony, as well as hostility to the last jubilee prophetic time line of Genesis 6:3. The main reason I bring this issue to the table is because I fear many brethren will have unwarranted expectations of Jesus returning for them on 2015-16, which is claimed to be the next jubilee. There is still much in prophecy that needs to be fulfilled before he comes, but not enough time to fulfill those prophecies by 2015-16.

My critique is based on Genesis 6:3

And Yahweh said, My Spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh, yet his days shall be a hundred and twenty years.

The word 'years' here is shaneh, meaning periods of time or an age. I agree with other scholars that the 120 years here are jubilees. A jubilee year is every 50 years (or 49+1). There is also a confirmation of this based on the millennial day/creation calendar.

If we take 120 jubilees X 50 we come to 6000 years. The millennial creation day calendar is also 6000 years; 6 millennial days given to man X 1000 = 6000 years, after which, Christ reigning on the Sabbath Millennium Day.

Based on this, the last jubilee of Genesis 6:3 will be the 120th jubilee and Christ's return to reign. Many bible prophecy scholars agree with me, that Christ is coming to reign on a jubilee year, to fulfill the Jubilee law of Leviticus 25. However, since much in prophecy still needs to be fulfilled, this 2015-16 jubilee could not be the last jubilee. If we full forward to the next jubilee, we would then come to 2015-16 + 49 years = 2064-65. The year 2064-65 would be far too long into the future. Jesus is coming back before that, as most Christians would agree and as end time event prophecy forming currently, testifies.

Do you see the dilemma in this count of the Jubilees? There is however, an answer and explanation to this. The road to the understanding of this is paved below.

Understanding The Misunderstandings

Now let us lay the ground work of understanding.

There is a controversy of how to count the jubilees. Some scholars are using the 49+1 year cycle and some scholars are using the 50 year cycle to count the jubilees. There is justification to believe that God may be using both cycles. The Leviticus 25 verses describing how to count the jubilee years are vague and ambiguous. It may be that God has left it ambiguous purposefully, so he could use both cycles. There is also the understanding that if this is not the case, it may be that God is using these modern day Jubilee events concerning Israel as prophetic signs to us, but are not a part of the official 120 Jubilee count from Adam. God may be using two different time tables here, one just for modern day prophetic jubilee signs to us, and one as an official 120 jubilee count.

With this understanding, we can now offer a critique to three separate issues concerning the jubilees.

#1 - The 49 year cycle or the 50 year cycle count?
#2 - The two modern day Israeli events of 1917-18 and 1966-67 jubilee signs
#3 - The two conflicting testimonies of the jubilee count, namely the Judah Ben Samuel Jubilee Prophecy count referenced from the March 2008 issue of Israel Today who uses the 50 year cycle and the 49 year cycle used by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn.

The Jubilee year events of 1917-18 and 1966-67 for Israel, are on a 49 year cycle. In November of 1917, the Balfour Declaration was pronounced for a regathering of Jews to Israel by Britain who controlled the region at the time. This falls into the 1917-18 jubilee, usually starting in September (Lev 25:9-11), with the next Jubilee event of June 1967, the 6 day war, falling in the 1966-67 jubilee year. This 49 year cycle fits with those events, with the next jubilee for 2015-16.

The testimony of Judah Ben Samuel however, technically, does not fit the 50 year cycle with these modern jubilee signs. The Balfour mandate and the 6 day war fall into two different years in the jubilee count.

Should we expect God to get really precise here? I say no, because these are God designed prophetic signs to us, but are not the official 120 count of jubilees from Adam. God will be perfect and precise on that, like he did with Jesus being the Passover lamb on the day of passover fulfilling every statute of the passover, but these modern day God designed jubilee prophetic events, are just that, signs to us, not a fulfillment of the Jubilee law on that. As Rabbi Cahn notes in his books, the Shemitahs are not an exact science. Neither should we expect that from these modern day God given jubilee signs.

Moreover, whether using the 49 or 50 year cycle, we should not expect the next jubilee prophetic sign to be his second coming to reign since much in prophecy has yet to be fulfilled.

The Time Frame of His Coming

I've attempted twice to go down the well worn road of Bible chronological order of regaining the lost count of the jubilees to find the 6000th year and like all others, have miserably failed! Why is this?

Due to our secular calendar having mistakes and inaccuracies and due to a few dark spots in the biblical record, trying to synchronize Bible time line with our secular calendar does not work well for complete accuracy, despite some of the claims made.

However, we do have some reason to look to the years 2020 to 2027 for Christ's return, with as some scholars admit, close to a 10 year differential to that time frame. Google search 2027 Jubilee, and you will find a few testimonies that hold some strong weight to that time frame. This 2020-2027 time frame also allows enough time for some of the prophecies we are watching to be fulfilled.

Very soon, by September of 2016, the proposed next peak jubilee time, we are going to get a much better idea as to what's going on, as we see what unfolds in that year to come or in 2017 if on the 50 year cycle. It is presently late September 2014 as I type, and with only 2 years away, I have strong doubts and solid reason to believe this 2015-2017 Jubilee time frame is not Christ's return for his bride or his return to reign. We must endure yet a little longer.

I look to 2020-2027 as a much more accurate time to watch for my Lord to return for us and to reign! I am also on the highest watch for those years of 2015-2017 for some radical Shemitah and God given Jubilee signs to be fulfilled!

We live in exciting times, don't we !?!

Please feel free to share your insights below, in Christ, Weather